Faculty Governance and Standing Committees

Over the years, the Faculty of Medicine has established various Standing Committees to carry out the on-going policies and programs of the Faculty.  A listing of the current Standing Committees along with their missions and membership can be found below.  Standing committees are either appointed by the Dean, elected by the faculty, or established to meet newer ongoing institutional needs.



Harvard Medical School

Harvard School of Dental Medicine

  • Admission of Students, Committee and Subcommittees on
  • Advanced Graduate Education Admission
  • Appointments, Reappointments and Promotions
  • Committee of Professors
  • Core Clinical Faculty Committee
  • Courses & Competencies Committee
  • DMD Curriculum Committee
  • Environmental Health and Safety
  • Faculty Council, Committee on
  • Financial Aid. Committee on
  • Governance committee of the Faculty Group Practice
  • Pre-Doctoral Admissions
  • Promotions and Examinations, Committee on 
  • Research Committee