The Consortium of Harvard Affiliated Offices for Faculty Development and Diversity (CHADD) was established to create an inclusive and supportive scholarly community to support the success of faculty of Harvard Medical School. CHADD meets five times per year, rotating the location among member institutions, to share best practices and collaborate on joint programs.

Office for Academic Careers and Faculty Development (AFCD)
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Main Office: 617-667-0900 Email:

Office of Faculty Development (OFD)
Boston Children’s Hospital

Main Office: 617-355-2923/2922 Email:

Center for Diversity & Inclusion (CDI)
Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Main Office: 617-525-8973 │ Email:

Center for Professional and Academic Development (CPAD)
Cambridge Health Alliance

Main Office: 617-665-3152 │ Email:

Office for Faculty Development (OFD)
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Main Office: 617-582-8714

Center for Faculty Development (CFD)
Massachusetts General Hospital

Website URL:
Main Phone:  617-724-0818 │ Email:

Office of the Chief Academic Officer
McLean Hospital

Main Office: 617-855-2241