Eleanor and Miles Shore Faculty Development Awards Program

The Eleanor and Miles Shore Faculty Development Awards Program (Shore Program) strives to support the Faculty of Medicine at the level of instructor and assistant professor by administering a range of award opportunities to support academic activities for vulnerable faculty balancing early careers with significant personal responsibilities.  Award funds are provided by HMS, HSDM, affiliated institutions, departments, divisions, centers, and/or private donors. 

The awards may be used for protected time from clinical, teaching or other responsibilities to pursue academic work, including research, or developing a new clinical or teaching program.  Funds awarded can be used for additional laboratory assistance at a time when independent funding is not attainable.  The award is not intended to provide total support.   

In January, instructors and assistant professors are invited to apply for awards.  In the fall, the selection process culminates in a reception, sponsored by the Shore Program, to honor recipients in the presence of deans, families, friends, mentors, and peers.

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