Eleanor and Miles Shore 50th Anniversary Fellowship Program for Scholars in Medicine

The Fiftieth Anniversary Program for Scholars in Medicine was established in 1995 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the admission of women to HMS and to acknowledge the important contributions of women to the School. As part of this celebration, a fellowship program was established to help junior faculty, women and men,  at the point in their careers when they must teach, do research, compete for grants, publish, or practice (if a clinical faculty member) at the same time they may be assuming increased family or other responsibilities. The program was renamed in 2004 to honor the efforts of Dr. Eleanor Shore, former Dean for Faculty Affairs, and Dr. Miles Shore, Bullard Professor of Psychiatry, Emeritus, on behalf of the 50th Anniversary Program for Scholars in Medicine.

Fellowships are funded by HMS, HSDM, Affiliated Institutes, Departments, Divisions, and Centers, and private donors. 

The purpose of the fellowship program is to enhance the quality and diversity of the Faculty of Medicine at all ranks. Stipends are offered to junior faculty at the most vulnerable point in their academic careers. While both men and women may apply, this support is an important part of the effort to increase the representation of women at the higher ranks in the Faculty of Medicine.

The intention of the Fellowship Program is to support academic activities. The awards may be used for protected time from clinical or laboratory responsibilities to pursue academic work, including writing a grant application, preparing a manuscript, completing a research project, or developing a new curriculum. Funds awarded could also be used for additional laboratory assistance at a time when the junior faculty member does not yet have independent funding. The Fellowship is not intended to provide total support.

Fellowships making use of the application system managed by the Office for Faculty Affairs. The two-part application includes questions regarding your scientific project and your personal need. The application typically includes the following materials:

  • A project description. This description should not exceed 2 pages, excluding references, and should include your hypothesis, methodology, plans for publications/presentations, and a realistic timeline for the project. If useful, applicants are welcome to include a brief description of plans beyond the funding period.
  • A budget proposal.
  • A curriculum vitae following the Faculty of Medicine CV guidelines.
  • A personal need description. Applicants are asked to answer specific questions regarding personal challenges or obstacles they are meeting while in pursuit of their academic career.
  • (A) letter(s) of support. Each application must include 1) a letter of support from the applicant’s project mentor and 2) a letter of support from the department chair or division chief (unless they are the same faculty member). The letters will be read by the committee that evaluates the scientific promise of the proposal.

Fellowships sponsored by a department, division, or institution. Several fellowships have distinct application procedures and submission deadlines.

Fellowships selected by the HMS/HSDM committees. These fellowships are assessed for academic promise and personal need. Academic promise accounts for 2/3 of the final score and is evaluated based on the merits of the project description, the budget proposal, and the support reflected in the letters from the project mentor and department head. Personal need accounts for 1/3 of the final score and relates to challenges and/or obstacles met in pursuit of an academic career.

Fellowships selected by the host department, division, or institution, whether they make use of our application system or not, may have different selection criteria.

Recipients must hold a MD, DMD, PhD, or equivalent advanced degree and an appointment at the level of Instructor, Assistant Professor, or Member of the Faculty at Harvard Medical School or Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

The program encompasses three groups of fellowships:

  1. those selected by the HMS/HSDM selection committees
  2. those selected by the host department, but making use of our application system
  3. those managed by the host department, division, or institution, with distinct application procedures, deadlines, and selection criteria

While faculty may not receive more than one award per year, we encourage simultaneous applications to all the fellowships you may be eligible for within the program.

Eligibility for the fellowships available to the entire faculty is limited to those who have not received an award from the Eleanor and Miles Shore 50th Anniversary Fellowship Program in the past.  

Applicants must hold an appointment at the level of Instructor, Assistant Professor, or Member of the Faculty by November 1, 2017.  Applicants who anticipate a first faculty appointment at Harvard after November 1, 2017 will not be considered.  Associate Professors and faculty under current review for a promotion to the rank of Associate Professor are not eligible.

Fellowships sponsored by a specific department, division, or institution may have distinct eligibility criteria, application procedures, and submission deadlines.  For more information, see the detailed list on the left-hand side of sponsored fellowships offered during the current application cycle.

All recipients and their families, sponsors, and mentors are invited to the annual Eleanor and Miles Shore Scholars in Medicine Celebration during which the Dean honors each fellowship recipient. 

Annual Celebration Program and Photos: