Shore Program - Establish an Award

The Eleanor and Miles Shore Faculty Development Awards Program (Shore Program) supports vulnerable faculty who are balancing their early careers with significant personal responsibilities. These award opportunities are intended to buy protected time for an academic project in research, clinical care or medical education; awards may be used to support research assistant time.  To be included in the Shore Program, awards must meet the following requirements:

  • Earmark a minimum level of support of $25,000 (typically funded at $30,000-$50,000) per award
  • Minimum 12-month funding period
  • Awards must be given to a single recipient and cannot be shared
  • Award recipients must meet all the eligibility guidelines of the Shore Program:
    • Have an academic appointment as Instructor or Assistant Professor at time of application/submission
    • Have a named Project Mentor
    • Be endorsed by a Department Chair and Project Mentor
    • Provide information on IRB/IACUC status, if applicable
    • Hold an MD, DMD, PhD, or equivalent advanced degree
    • Past award recipients are ineligible

As a benefit to you, the Shore Program’s built-in support systems can help reduce your administrative need to conduct an independent application and review process by:

  • Managing application process through the use of our single-stream application system
    • In doing so, our single-stream application would enable your faculty to apply to your award and to any other programs for which they are eligible with a single application. 
  • Overseeing the review process through the use of our established committee
    • Our multi-affiliate and multi-disciplinary review committee will make recommendations based on the evaluation of academic promise (for 2/3 of the final score) supported by the project description, budget proposal, Faculty of Medicine CV, and endorsements. Included in the application are a series of questions reflecting the applicants personal need (for 1/3 of the final score), which will be factored into the final ranking before a recipient has been proposed for selection. 
  • Issuing the official award notification
  • Providing customer and technical support to applicants and endorsers

If you are interested in establishing an award, have questions or would like to meet with a member of our program staff, please email us at

For a quick overview of the Shore Program, including facts and figures, view or download our infographic.  Coming soon!

A recent study of the program, found that funding awards between 1996 and 2011 were associated with shorter times to promotion and faculty retention. To read the article, visit the author's publisher, Academic Medicine.