Faculty Demographics


The definition of faculty used in the following faculty numbers is based on the criteria used in Harvard Medical School’s annual reporting for Academic Year 2020-21 to the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC). These data are based on active appointments in the Faculty of Medicine as of October 15, 2020.

These figures are not identical to those reflected in the Harvard Medical School Dean’s Report or in the Harvard University Office for Faculty Development & Diversity annual report, as the date on which the data are collected for each report will vary. Our AY 20-21 figures do reflect our data submissions to external agencies such as the AAMC and the US News and World report; please note that part time figures are not used by the AAMC.

Faculty of Medicine DemographicsDistribution of Faculty by RankDistribution of Faculty in Basic or Social Science DepartmentsDistribution of Faculty in Clinical DepartmentsDistribution of Faculty in Clinical Departments by Affiliated InstitutionsUnderrepresented in Medicine Full Time Faculty (1980-2020)Growth in Percentage of Women Full Time Faculty by Rank (1980-2020)4-Decade Faculty Growth at HMS and HSDM (1980-2020)