Faculty Leadership, Standing and Administrative Committees

The Harvard Faculty of Medicine includes both Harvard Medical School and the Harvard School of Dental Medicine faculty. The faculty is organized into basic science and social science departments, departments based at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine and clinical departments at affiliated hospitals. The Faculty of Medicine operates under the direct responsibility of the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine. Over the years, the Faculty of Medicine has established various executive leadership, standing, and administrative/advisory committees.

Academic year 2022-2023: 

HMS Executive Leadership Committees

Executive Leadership Committees represent the dean’s leadership team, the chief academic officers of the affiliated hospitals, the leaders of quad-based department chairs, and the leaders of hospital-based departments. These committees, whose members are derived from medical school and hospital leaders, advise the dean of the faculty of medicine in carrying out the academic policies of the school.

HMS Standing Committees

Standing Committees are defined as those committees that are necessary for the governance of the faculty—essential for discharging the responsibilities of the faculty for the execution of the Program on Medical Education; these are the committees that oversee undergraduate medical students and MD Medical education as well as faculty in their roles as the teachers of our medical students.  Standing committees consider and recommend actions and propose policies in the functional areas under their jurisdictions, subject to final approval by the Faculty Council and the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine. HMS monitors the charge and selection process of each standing committee and ensures that adequate opportunities exist for faculty participation in, including self-nomination for, committee membership and institutional governance. Faculty participate in school governance activities through standing committee service.

HMS Administrative Committees

Administrative committees carry out the on-going policies and programs of the Faculty of Medicine. Advisory and/or ad hoc committees are convened as required by duly approved policies of the Faculty of Medicine, or as the Dean and/or the Faculty Council requires, for advice on matters related to the operation of the Faculty of Medicine and the activities of its faculty, staff, and students pursuing other degree programs. These committees oversee vital HMS-specific programs and policies. Their charges and selection processes adhere to HMS policies, guidelines and professional standards.